Global Media Foundation (GLOmef), formerly known as African Media Aid (AFRIMA) is a registered non-profit human rights and anti-corruption media organization founded in 2005 by a young human rights Journalist which aims at creating a “vibrant, dynamic and smart media” in Africa to fight corruption and seek social justice as well as ensuring sustainable rural community development through the promotion of MDG’s, peace, democratic governance, human rights, youth development and ensuring free flow of information, while stressing the need for the provision of safe drinking water and quality & accessible education and health care.

Concerned over the suffering on the continent of Africa, especially Ghana, GLOMEF was formed to help address the woes of the continent, which have made life very miserable for the people, especially the youth, children and Women of Africa.

The goal of GLOMEF is to become a vibrant voice for the voiceless; soliciting, linking and facilitating the needed resources for sustainable development.  GLOMEF is of the view that sustainable development can best be achieved when there is social justice, peace, respect for human rights and organizational capacity building so as to maximize the availability of the needed resources.  It is based on this rationale that like-minded volunteers who are Journalists in Brong-Ahafo, Ghana have pooled their resources together to promote this praiseworthy cause.